Re: Defining human (was fetal tissue)

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 19:57:07 -0500

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> > 100% correct. However since the constitution only applies to those
> > who are born within our geographical boundries, or naturalized
> > citizens, IMMHO these laws are unconstitutional.
> I don't know where your legal education came from, but the
> Constitution most definitely applies to more than citizens; it
> applies to aliens, legal and illegal, Indians, residents of
> US-protected districts on foreign soil (like militar bases),
> and anyone else within the reach of our law enforcement.

The US Constitution applies to non-citizens only as a matter of diplomatic
convention and courtesy. It is a long practice that goes back as long as
governments have had 'full diplomatic relations'. We respect visitors from
other countries like they are honorary citizens, just so that our citizens
traveling elsewhere can enjoy the same respect. That other countries, notably
the less civilized or stable ones, frequently play fast and loose with this
convetion as suits their purposes is what keeps all of the bureaucrats at the
State Department in their job security.

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