Re: Analog vs. Digital defined

Thu, 5 Mar 1998 12:03:21 CST

You are right in some respects. There is much more to it than you
are taking into account, though. From my personal knowladge on
automotive auto sound. 100 bit d/a converters are available and are
in use though not very widely. i belive there is a home theater
company in England that has produced and marketed a DVD player with
"true" sound capibility. Many car stereos have 20 bit d/a
converters, even a couple. The main reason the 100 bit's are not
used is the cost to sound quality ratio. It just is not practical to
have absolutley clear sound when the human cannot recognize the
A few companys are venturing into the digital environment, Kef Kar,
Pioneer, Alpine, Clarion, Eclipse, ect... these companys have made
it possiable for the average consumers to purchase digital audio
systems. New to even the digital system and a great improvement of
it is Kef's new 5.1 converter. It is a device that takes DVD like
disks and replayes the sound on five chanels and a subwoofer chanel.
>From what I have read it is a spectacular sound, as it should be.
Another advantage to the digital world is fiber-optics, a grand
invention that I love so dear. The use of fiber-optic wire has a
land-slide advantage over conventional ofc. The greatest of these is
no distortion and no loss of signal power.

hopefully this is the topic you were on. If not, well you learned