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<with apologies to people who don't want this or have seen it already. JE>

Intergalactic Conference

the Association of Autonomous Astronauts
at the Link Project, via Fioravanti 14,40121 Bologna, Italy, planet earth
18-19 april 1998

The days of this society are numbered. Its reasons and its merits have been
weighed in the balance and found wanting; its inhabitants are divided into
two parties, one of which wants to build their own spaceships and leave
this society behind.

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) was launched on April 23rd
1995 as the world's first independent and community-based space program. A
Five Year Plan was also established for creating, by the year 2000, a
world-wide network of local, community-based AAA groups dedicated to
building their own spaceships.

This conference will bring together AAA delegates from around the world to
present reports from the world-wide network of AAA groups. The conference
will initiate a new phase of CONSOLIDATION for the AAA, during which
Autonomous Astronauts will examine the achievements that they have made so
far and prepare for the final stage of the Five Year Plan.

The AAA is at the cutting edge of a struggle around how space exploration
technology is used and who has access to it.

List of events:

sat 18 april 1998
17.00 - 19.00 presentations and reports by AAA delegates which include:
screening of AAA promotional videos, information about AAA web sites,
debates exploring the possibilities of independent space travel and plans
for creating new AAA groups in Italy

24.00 - 5.00: RAVE IN SPACE experimental dance party

sun 19 april 1998
all-day training sessions for Autonomous Astronauts including games of
three-sided football

to receive travel and accomodation information:
(in Italy)
Riccardo Balli
e-mail: link17@iperbole.bologna.it
(outside Italy)
Jason Skeet
tel. +44 (0)171 277 4109 e-mail: jason@artec.org.uk


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