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At 07:58 PM 3/3/98 +0000, Kathryn Aegis wrote:

>Frank Prengel:
>>So let's ask specific questions: how many members does ExI have these
>>days? (Max?) Or Transcedo? How many people have subscribed to extropian
>>mailing lists? Any figures?

Kathryn's response on 3/2 was great.

To approximate the number of transhumans would be a very cumbersome task.
There are literally thousands! Many transhumans don't even know what the
word means. Counting the number of transhumanists is a little less time
consuming - yet even here, it is difficult because what determines a
transhumanist is an acknowledgement of transhumanism, and he/she or it
doesn't have to agree with all aspects of transhumanism. A person walking
around with an implant is a transhuman, just as an astronaut is a transhuman
- yet, these two individuals may not agree on immortality or ethics, thus
not practicing transhumanists.

Putting this aside, so far there are approximately 160 individuals who are
Transhumanist Artists, who have contacted me, and are participants of
Transhumanist Art and/or the Extropic Art Movement (which would make them

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