Re: PHIL: Extropy, Boundaries and Suicide

Darren Reynolds (
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 21:27:34 +0100

I'll have to look into that more thoroughly. My insurance company certainly
doesn't, but that's hardly a representative sample.


At 09:54 02/03/98 -0800, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>> >> 1) Cryonic suspension costs $30,000 - $100,000 dollars or more.
>> >> Do you have that kind of money lying around?
>> >No, but I do have +- $450 a year lying around to pay for my suspension
>> >contract and life insurance. Unfortunately, not everybody has the
>> >to do this,
>> Erm, no, obviously not. Which insurance company is this that pays out in
>> the event of suicide?
>Actually, most will, after a waiting period of a year or so. Their
>actuarial tables already account for a normal rate of suicide among
>the population; I'm sure a few instances of rational suicides won't
>screw up their numbers much until there are a lot more of us.