FYI: Truth machines for sale

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Wed, 4 Mar 1998 02:12:26 +0100

Tel Aviv, Israel, 5 January 1998
The Truster Is Avaliable

"The long awaited controversial software is now available
at $149. The Truster is an online Lie Detector that can analyze
the voice through a phone conversation and show you on the
screen whether the person you are conversing with is lying,
outsmarting you, exaggerating, unsure of his words or telling the
truth.The product is patent pending and is the first in a line of
products based on the same technology. The product was developed
by Makh-Shevet in Israel and can be used in various situations in which
you want to see the 'whole picture'. The Truster will surely mark a new
era. Politicians will have to think twice on what they say in during their
campaigns, voters will be able to check the speeches in their Trusters.
Salesmen will have to be far more cautious when selling their wares
over the phone. How about getting some real answers when you are
shopping for your new home or car? No more 'Yes, I did my homework'
over the phone to mom. Business people will have more of a clear view
when they are told 'the check is in the mail' or 'this is my best price, it is
pointless to go on arguing'. And how about the assertion 'I was in the
pub with my friends last night'? "We are seeking to make a slight change
in the world", said Tamir Segal, CEO of Makh-Shevet. "We realize that the
product is controversial, but it lies in the hands of each user to apply it


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This sounds like fun, assuming that the thing actually works. Any ideas?