Re: fetal tissue

Mark Miloscia (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 22:47:08 -0800

Brian D Williams wrote:

> If the so called "right to life " movement is so concerned about
> abortion, why haven't they ever tried to support birth control,
> thus eliminating most, if not all, abortions?

As a member of the 'right to life' movement, I could venture a
guess. It would utterly destroy the movement (fragment completely) if I
were able to convince the rest of the 'movement' to expand it's
political scope beyond just the one issue and support (my opinion) the
moral and consistent position. That is, to support birth control and
the opposite of what Michael Lorrey approves "the death penalty, the
right to suicide, legality of assisted suicide, self defense with deadly
weapons, and the hunting of and consumption of animals." You quickly
loose all support and are soon politically marginalized.. However, I
expect the movement to be more consistent (WAG) within 25 years.
A person can be consistent on this issue (either side) today,
however everyone will label you a kook. They are probably right.

Mark Miloscia