Re: junk DNA

Tony B. Csoka (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 19:35:48 -0700

Reilly Jones wrote:

> Geoff Smith wrote 3/3/98:
> I can't recall where I saw it, I think it was in "Science Week" a couple
> years ago, but someone applied a series of tests to the complete set of DNA
> and found that it is virtually identical to human language when the same
> tests are applied to it, e.g., they both follow Zipf's Law, etc. These
> results *only* were valid when the full complement of junk DNA was
> included, and broke down when segments of junk DNA were excluded.
> With this in mind, there's a new book out by Jeremy Narby called "The
> Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origin of Knowledge" that sounds like it lends
> further scientific support to the DNA as language hypothesis.

Actually, I remeber it too, but it was in science. Preety interesting.
Here's the reference:

Science 1994 Nov 25;266(5189):1320 Hints of a language in junk DNA.Flam

T. Benjamin Csoka