Re: Suggestions for metamorphosis images

Holger Wagner (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 17:16:37 +0100

Max More wrote:
> Can you think of short scenes from movies or TV that would illustrate
> humans transforming? (Or images good for other sections such as on
> cryonics, nano, AI, uploading, etc.) Humor is good -- for instance for
> cryonics I suggested Sleeper, where Woody Allen is unwrapped from the
> aluminum foil and welcomed into the future.

Seems like synchronicities are starting (I'm just trying to find another
thinker/prover game since I can't find any quarters ;-) ):

Just a few days ago I had an idea for a video-clip which would be just
perfect for that purpose. Unfortunately so far it only exists in my head

The basic idea is simply showing a person being uploaded to a
super-computer, getting some sort of brain- and body-update (turning him
into a cyborg), and downloading back to the enhanced body. At the end
he's at a party, having real good fun - and no one even realizes he's a
complete cyborg.

So far, all I have are about 2 pages of ideas and a basic "storyline"
and some of the visuals in my head... through the whole thing, the
positive aspects of transhumanism will be shown (no Frankenstein


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