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Mon, 02 Mar 1998 20:41:54 -0500

Arjen Kamphuis wrote:

> At 03:14 2-03-98 -0500, Reilly Jones <> wrote:
> >Max More wrote 3/1/98: <At what point do you think fetal tissue becomes an
> >unborn child? Since you don't qualify your statement, I assume you will say
> >"at conception". If so, I'd like to hear the reasoning behind it.>
> >
> >Developing our own selves is our own business. Developing other selves is
> >entering the political arena. Ownership of the self is one thing,
> >ownership of other selves is quite another. I will take the question of
> >when "fetal tissue" - a dehumanizing definition, as Anders said, propaganda
> >developed against the enemy
> What enemy? I'm sorry, but this sounds like you're picketing in front of a
> clinic or something (or maybe it's just my reli-fanatic-alarm going off?).
> >The process of developing another self begins with
> >conception,
> Since the fetus at this stage is nearly indistinguisable from most other
> mammals and many other vertebrates that would mean that a pig fetus has the
> same value & rights as a human, after birth the fetus somehow loses that
> value/those right and it's ok to use it as a source of protein. Unless, of
> course, you believe that a human fetus has something called a 'soul' from
> the moment of conception.

I find it most hypocritically ironic that liberals who would go into apopleptic
fits if I shot a wild animal don't even sniff if a human fetus is aborted in a
rather gruesome manner minutes prior to birth.

I approve of abortion, the death penalty, the right to suicide, legality of
assisted suicide, self defense with deadly weapons, and the hunting of and
consumption of animals. At least someone here is consistent.

My cousin's doctoral adviser's 8 year old said at dinner the other day,"If God
didn't want us to kill and eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat."

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