Transcendence & Transhuman

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 13:20:12 -0500

> IAN: In other words we could have Consciousness & art,
> or just C and no art, ergo C transcends "art."

IAN: One might posit a contradiction from the statement
above and my post on the application of "transcendence"
to "human" -- producing "transhuman" -- such that if C
transcending art implies that there can be C and no art,
then transcending the human can imply that there is you
and "no human," and thus the annihilation of the human.

It's not contradiction because the term "transhuman"
contains "human" as a precondition, and this "human
thing" is that to which a transcendence -- becoming
larger than normal -- function is applied. To say
that C transcends art, is to say that C is larger
than art, that it goes some places art does not.
In the same fashion, the transhuman is larger
than the nontranshuman. The transhuman is an
expanded human the way a butterfly is an ex-
panded caterpillar. And in the same way that
the butterfly is not the annihilation of the
caterpillar but the logical evolution of the
caterpillar, the transhuman is not an annihi-
lation of the human but the logical evolution
of the human into a superahuman with "wings"
that can carry it beyond the finite confines
that define the limits imposed on all humans.

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