Re: PR/was Transhumanism in The Outer Limits?
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 05:59:07 -0800 (PST)

Technotranscendence [] wrote:
>That's true. Now we only have to sell the idea to a studio or network
>that is willing to invest in it. Of course, a good movie might turn into
>a series too.

Selling a new series to US TV companies is almost impossible these days
unless you have a track record, and Hollywood doesn't seem too interested
in movies with anything unusual to say.

>Also, we might think of independent productions, which might create
>a following, if they are done and marketed well enough.

I think that's the only way, and some of us are already working on it. I'm
working with a group who are trying to put together a kind of anti-Roswell,
anti-X-Files comedy on a low budget (without direct parody). If it works
out then hopefully I can start making more 'serious' transhumanist movies afterwards (I have a very rough idea for a pro-SI 'propaganda' piece, but
we'd need a few million to make it properly).

>We should also ry to penetrate other markets. The Latin American
>TV market, from what I've heard, is the fastest growing. Potential?

Now the Hong Kong movie industry seems to be going down the tubes,
the Asian market might be another good idea. They certainly have
a taste for the bizarre (e.g. this morning I was watching 'Sex and
Zen', a comedy about a 16th century scholar who decides Buddhist
abstinence isn't for him and gets a transplant from a horse) and
Japanese movies often have a transhumanist bent. Of course the
Chinese takeover of Hong Kong might destroy much of the market
as well.