Re: Motivation and achievement

Philip Witham (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 00:13:17 -0800

Alexander wrote:
>I have been thinking about people's motivations lately.
>There are some obvious drives.  Self-respect, power, money,
>recognition. They can't drive one too far though, it seems.
>There are some drives that may seem non-perversely endless.
...(follows various reasons why even these can loose their shine)

A friend of mine, said (paraphrasing):
"It has been the greatest gift to my life that I have nothing left to prove."

I'm still chewing on the implications of this statement. Give me a few more

He just follows the whim of his heart. It usually causes him to build some
experiment in his lab. He doesn't publish except to get more people into

- PW