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We placed an ad in one small area of the Internet. And when
the dust started to settle we had over six thousand responses
in ten days.

(The Advantage Group)
For Immediate Release: Denver, Feb 27, 1998



My Name is Shannon Johnson. I am CEO of The Advantage Group.
I have to tell you that I am really angry and upset about what is going
on here on the Internet. We at The Advantage Group are so angry,
in fact, that we decided to do something about it. Read on and you'll see.

For three years I have lead my marketing firm in sales campaigns on
the Internet and the other large online services which have yielded
outstanding results! We are now sharing the information we have
gained over the last several years with other people who are desperately
trying to figure out how to make a substantial income from their home

Do you know what it's like to turn your computer on in the morning to
find an email box full of orders for your product.....Where it takes over
an hour to sift through just the credit card orders alone?
We do!

Do you know what it's like to have the postman bring you a bag full of
orders for products you have marketed on the Internet, and then hear
him complain about all the mail you get?
We do!

Do you know what it's like to place a simple ad into a newsgoup or
classified section on the Internet and have your Order Department's
phone ring off the hook with people who want to buy your product.
We do!

Have you ever placed just one advertisement on the Ineternet and when
the dust settled ten days later had over 6,000 responses by phone,
fax, mail, and email?
Well....we did in January of this year!

Have you ever tried to market something simple on the Internet, only
to have weeks or months of toil and effort result in only a few sales,
if any?
Well....that's happened to us too. But not since we learned the secrets!!!

You see, we found the "secrets" to marketing just about anything on
the Internet. And it is really quite simple, once you know them.

Imagine this. You decide to make a second, or even a primary
income from the Internet. So, you put up a Web Site, get a mess
of email follow-up letters ready, put your Web Site in several hundred
search engines (people gotta find your page...right), get in the News-
Groups and advertise your site, and drop hundreds of classified ads
all over the Net. There ya go.....now you are going to rake in the cash!
Two weeks later you have one sale and you are telling your spouse
and your friends that "This will take time! " Four months later you've
made just enough to pay for your web space and your friends don't
listen to you anymore. They consider you an "Internet Marketer
Wanna Be". Sound familiar!

We are not trying to rub salt in your wounds. What we are trying to
do is let you in on the TRUTH about doing business from your home
on the Internet. Let's face it. The vast majority of people who are
trying to earn a living on the Internet are STARVING!!! That's right!
They don't have a clue of what to do first, second, third or fourth! And
even if they do have a clue they have been lead down the garden path
with dreams and silly techniques which don't work and are breaking
the hearts of thousands of people who are just trying to make a living
from their home computers. That is what we are so upset about at
The Advantage Group!

But, it doesn't have to be that way! People don't have to really FAIL at
making a good income on the Internet. And it really doesn't have to
take months or even years to learn how to do it. Not if you have the
right guide to show you what to do, and when to do it.

THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet)

is the name of our informative guide to generating orders, money, cash,
on the Net. It was written with the "average" Netrepreneur in mind, in
plain English, with straight to the point "How To" and "Why Do You Do"


THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet)

we expose all the traps WE fell into in our first year of Internet Marketing,
but stay away from now. We expose the lies and half truths which people
have fallen for in the past. We expose the SECRETS which most of the
successful Internet Marketers really DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!
Because, when you know the secrets you will be off and running in...
that's right......THEIR BACKYARD....the Cyberspace Marketplace!


There are millions of people on the Internet. And there are millions
of more people on the way here. The pie which will be cut up is
so huge that several hundred more people who know what they are
doing will not even make a dent in our income level. It will just be a
drop in the bucket so to speak.

THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet)

will expose the Internet for what it really is, the marketplace which
can provide you with a steady income. It will literally show you what
to do first, second, third, fourth, and so on.

You are about to discover exactly what makes the difference between
the "Internet success stories," and the obscure "Web Marketing Failures."

This guide will give you all the details, the tools, the ideas, and the
resources to help you make all of your INTERNET DREAMS come true...

Finally, the truth is revealed! Find out the secrets that some of the
wealthiest Internet marketers are using to propel their sales through the
Cyberspace roof.

THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet)

Will show you:

** How to use Newsgroups to your advantage. The tricks!
Just placing a few ads just won't do it for you!

** How to use a sig file to get more orders. They look simple, but if
you write your Sig correctly it can be a GOLD MINE to you. We generate
thousands just from our sigs!

** How to place your web page at the top of the search engines.
If you don't get close to the top you can forget many hits!

** How to maximize your web sales using a professional looking web page
(that you can build all by yourself).

** All about follow-ups and how to do them using email.
A very simple technique which can mean rapidly increasing volume to
you. This technique is used by some of the top Internet Marketers.

** How to effectively build mailing lists on the internet.
Without lists your business will probably perish!

** Special Coding Techniques which can make your Marketing efforts
amaze even the most die hard skeptics

** Where and how to place thousands of FREE classified ads.
What to say in them, and what to expect when you place them.

** What products you should or shouldn't market for quick results

** How to use Testimonials...

** The importance of tracking your marketing results.

** The importance of a "back-end".

** And much, much more...

Here is what some people who turned their Internet Marketing
results from failure to success have to say about "The Guide":

I thought all I had to do was place some classified ads on the Net for
my flame retarding spray. Every night after work I would place a
few ads and answer some questions in email. I never made much
money at all. Then I read THE GUIDE and everything turned around!
I'm looking at leaving my job now. And their newsletter keeps me up
to date with all the new things I need to know to keep on track with
my business.

Bill J.
St. Louis, MO

I started Internet Marketing in the Chat Rooms on AOL. What
a joke that was! Nobody ever told me it would take so long to
make any money that way. Then I read the 'The Guide." The
Chat Rooms, Internet Newsgroups, Web Sites, and email all
make me money now. And it wasn't all that hard either. I just
didn't know the secrets before. But I do now!!! The Internet is
huge, and I've just started getting my share!

Ann W.
Houston, TX

THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet)

is usually only offered to our marketing clients. With all the garbage
we have seen on the Internet in the past few months we have decided
to offer "The Guide" to everyone reading this advertisement. Our clients
have paid $99.95 for "The Guide" and have felt that it was a real bargain
for that price. "The Guide" has now gone into it SECOND Edition and
we feel that we should open it up to just about anyone's financial budget.
At least for a limited time.

THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet)

is being offered to you, for a limited time, for only $29.95!!! That's
correct! That's a full $70 off the regular price. Once a reasonable amount
of orders have been placed at this price we will take "The Guide"
off of the sale counter and move the price back to $99.95. But, why
offer this for such a deep discount? It's simple. The Advantage Group
feels that the time is right for this information to become more available
on the Net. But we aren't marketing fools either. The Guide holds a
Copyright, and will only be offered at this very deeply discounted price
for a very limited time.

(There is some Joker on the Net who is trying to sell LESS information
without our two bonus offers to follow for $395.00. That is ridiculous!!!)


If you order within the next 3 days we will include:

** Bulk Email Secrets...This information could save you
hundreds of dollars in mailing costs, and more importantly
it could keep you from losing your ISP. You'll get the details
on how to:
--use bulk email to explode your profits
--prevent losing your dialup account
--find the right product(s) to market by bulk email.
--find the correct software to use.

--And much, much more.


** Free access to our private download site. Here you will
find hundreds of FREE informative reports to use or sell
on the internet. You will find helpful programs that we
use to make our marketing efforts more effective. You will
also find 25,000 email names, FREE for you to download
to help you get started. These are fresh names that you
can use to market your business. These names are changed
weekly and you can download as often as you like.

Once again all of this is yours for only $29.95, plus $5.00 S&H....
so order now!


Not many people want to do this Internet Marketing thing alone.
Now you won't have to. Those who order "The Guide" by Mar. 3,
will be placed on our very select "The Guide Electronic Newsletter"
where you will receive the latest tricks and "HOW TOs" in Internet
Marketing. Tricks which the big boys find out about first. Now you will
be right in line to find them out quickly, so you can capture the market.


Order the book today and receive the two bonuses absolutely
FREE...Read over the book, follow the step by step guide,
contact the resources listed, and if for any reason you are
not fully satisfied with the book you can return it within 30 days
for a full refund, AND you get to keep the bulk email report, and
email names from the FREE download site.

It's easy to do, so order today and take advantage of this
is moved back to the regular price.


We will accept your order in Three different ways:
Phone, Email or Postal Mail

Call our Order Line NOW!!!

1-619-561-2731 ext. 3011

9:00AM to 9:00PM Pacific Time
(This is an Order Line ONLY. They
will take Credit Cards and Checks on
this line.)



Send the following order form to:


Be sure to put "Order" in the subject.


PRINT out the following form and mail to:

The Advantage Group
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__Yes, I am tired of Broken Dreams...I am ordering "The Guide" well
within the allotted time period and would like both the Bulk Email Report
and the Private Download Site bonuses. Plus I want to be placed on
your very select mailing list for "The Guide Electronic Newsletter".....all
for only $29.95 + $5 S&H.

__I did not order within 3 days but would still like to take advantage of
your THE GUIDE (No More Broken Dreams on The Internet) for only
$29.95 + $5 S&H and be placed on your very select mailing list for
"The Guide Electronic Newsletter"

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The Advantage Group

Trying doesn't always work on the Net. Find out why "The Guide" works.

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