Re: ART & Transhumanism

Anders Sandberg (
01 Mar 1998 21:23:17 +0100

Ian Goddard <> writes:

> IAN: Natasha asks all the right questions that spontaneously
> answer themselves (talk about efficient!). But at the same
> time Doug raises an important question that pertains to the
> meaning of transhuman. I think that the answer here is that
> "transhumanization" is not equivalent to "dehumanization,"
> even though such an equivalence can be extrapolated from
> the term "transhuman."

Exactly! This is a meme we should really do our best to dispell, since
it is so common and so convenient for our attackers (rule no. 1 of all
propaganda: dehumanize your opponent). In swedish we can at least pun
"medmänsklighet och mermänsklighet" (compassion and transhumanity,
lit. "morehumanity") :-)

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