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Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 00:44:31 -0800

I would disagree. Gently, of course. :)

>So, to answer the age-old question (in my best way possible), I would say
>that the objective of science is to create or discover new ways to increase
>convenience and progress for society as a whole...

Nope, that's problem-solving. Engineering. Technology. Medicine. Etc.

Good stuff, great stuff, and it needs science as an input or it's just
doing it the way your grandparents did it.

>as well as create or
>discover answers to all the "how's" and "why's" society encounters during
>its progression.

That's closer to being what science is about. But there is no such thing as
"applied science". :) Or rather, if you apply science or math to a
practical problem, then you are doing "techne", *not* "scientia".

>The objective of art is somewhat more individual
>oriented, though I think it is safe to say that an artist's objective is to
>convey his or her knowledge and ideas to society in the best (and often
>only) way possible.

E. Shaun, methinks you are playing into the had of those who declare art
only to be that stuff on the wall with a frame around it. :\ :) I think art
is any directed human activity which achieves a quality richer than the sum
of its parts: joy outweighing (circuit-2 and below) pleasure. That does
tend to seem subjective, yet there is a lot of overlap across cultures, in
my slight experience. Some art crosses cultures easier than others; I have
more to say about this but the margins of this email are to small to
contain it. :)

I think that art doesn't have to be just about ideas. I think a good
session of go is art. I think a good session of bodysurfing could be
considered solitary performance/lively art. I think singing in the shower
is art. I think a hilarious session of clowning around with my 10-year-old
niece is art. Where are the ideas? Are they all sleeping furiously in the
bin labeled "Colorless Green"? :)



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