Re: Skeptics Take on the Extropian Concept

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My variation (for delivery to conventional/fundie religious types):

Presently, I am an agnostic. Independent of that fact, I strive to be a
holy man. It may take me more than a normal human lifespan just to hear
God's call. In the meantime, I believe that I can be a part of God's plan
even if I'm not saved. And if I get cryonically suspended and God wants me,
I am sure my body being held at LN2 temperature won't stop Him from taking
me whenever He wants.
Why can't that be true of many people? Perhaps God wants cryonics to become
popular so that more people can ultimately be saved, even if it takes more
than the usual lifespan.

If their eyes haven't glazed over, I move on to:

Didn't Methuselah live 900 years? Etc.

Usually some part or all of that blows their circuits.

At 12:32 PM 2/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 4:07am -0500 2/28/98, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>>/Why/ do we want to live forever?
>This is the question. I need more time than my estimated lifespan to
>answer it.
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