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>Does anybody know of non-cryonic techniques of doing the same thing? I
>have in mind=20
>using some kind of epoxy or similar substance to encase a suitably
>prepared body. After=20
>all, if "Jurasic Park" is even approximately correct (and it must be
>judging from all=20
>the scientists who tried to shoot it down) insect bodies were preserved
>to the cellular=20
>level for over 65 million years by simple tree sap. My proposal is
>slightly higher tech=20
>and (hopefully) shorter term.
>This sounds like an excellent idea. It certainly avoids the sort of =
>ubiquitous cell damage that one can expect from a freezing process. I
>wonder if there might be a chemical embalming alternative? Certainly =
>the Egyptians were quite skilled at preserving their dead... (Early =
>All I really care about is the brain... surely it couldn't be so simple
>as plopping it into a big bottle of formaldyhyde or some other =
>preservative? I assume that there must be some critical problems with
>this method... anyone?
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