Re: PHIL: Extropy, Boundaries and Suicide

Anders Sandberg (
28 Feb 1998 23:18:01 +0100

Michael Lorrey <> writes:

> Extropians List subscribers could be construed by mainstreamers to:
> a) have social dysfunctions indicated by the fact they spend so much time
> discussing strange topics on an internet mail list, therefore have
> difficulty interacting with people in the 'real' world.
> b) have a difficulty distinguishing their internet life from their real
> lives (if they have real lives), and in fantasizing about htings like mind
> uploading and a mythical transhuman singularity, nanotechnology and jupiter
> brains, have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality.
> c) in their wishes to upload their minds (which seems like it would be a
> destructive process), support the right to suicide, promote the use of guns
> for self defense, and have themselves frozen, they demonstrate a lack of
> concern for their own safety and well being, and are likely to hurt
> themselves.
> So an active and dedicated extropian could be construed to be quite ill.

Good try. And I have no doubt that some people would agree with you (I
have a friend (!) who distrusts *anything* I say since I'm obviously
"mad" because I discuss uploading and similar topics). But if you ask
any serious psychologist och clinical psychiatrist, they will at most
agree with a and b, and that is just a fairly benign personality
disorder (compared to what they usually deal with, it is). Of course,
if you go to a psychoterapist, he will immediately tell you that you
are ill and in need of help, but they say that to everybody (OK, I'm
not very fond of psychotherapy :-).

> Thats my point. The members of this list are entirely TOO rational and
> logical, as compared to the general population. That we can rationally
> discuss such theoretical subjects as a transhuman singularity without (too
> frequently) going off on almost theological trysts indicates that the
> members of this list are not normal.

Quite. And who wants to be normal? Normal people are so boring! The
trick is to avoid being normal while retaining sanity.

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