Re: Transhumanism in The Outer Limits?

Anders Sandberg (
28 Feb 1998 22:57:49 +0100

"den Otter" <> writes:

> Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin <> wrote:
> > That would be quite amazing, considering that I watched The Outer
> > Limits, oh, roughly 15 years ago.
> Apparently someone is using the title again, 'cause the Outer Limits I'm
> referring to are definitely 90's, and clearly trying to cash in on the X-Files'
> succes.

It is likely a new incarnation of the old series (I have seen some
re-runs of it). A bit like Mission: Impossible or Star Trek.

I wonder about the effects of series like this. They often have
anti-transhuman messages, but at the same time they spread the ideas
about cryonics, uploading etc, making them part of our culture. That
should not be ignored, the trick is to make sure they get the right
positive valence.

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