Extropian TV Series: was:Transhumanism in The Outer Limits?

Paul Hughes (planetp@aci.net)
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 09:17:52 -0800

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> My favorite part about the series is that each episode is written by a
> different author and has a different point of view and different
> characters. Unlike Babylon 5, Star Trek(s) and X-Files, which are all
> locked into the same characters and the same tired points of view, these
> are different points of view every time.
> It may be more effective to spread memes via a TV series rather than
> individual movies. Then we could have a different author and story idea
> every week.

Years ago I fantasized about a new type of series similar to outer limits but
that was trans and post-humanist. The basic idea was that humanity had left
Earth omni-directionally in a great diaspora of thousands of ark ships ranging
in size from a few dozen people to tens of thousands. Each episode would
freature the unique psychological, societal, experimental environs of one of
these ark ships. Episodes would feature experiments with new money systems,
belief systems, biological and neuro-enhancements, radical brain change and
altered sates of conciousness, new relationship structure - polyfidelity,
polygamy, etc.

This type of series would be the perfect medium in which to push the boundaries
of "acceptable" television. I still think its a good idea. Anyone have any
Hollywood connections?

Paul Hughes