Re: My Supertanker right or wrong

Anders Sandberg (
28 Feb 1998 16:05:51 +0100

"den Otter" <> writes:

> Seriously, if this isn't a project worth considering, then I
> wouldn't know what is... Extropia: the mutual aid organization for
> the survival of extremely rapid and profound future technological
> and social change (a/k/a Singularity).

A good idea. But does it have to be strongly linked with a physical
location? It might be *useful* to have a place of operations, but the
overall goal may require us to be more flexible than that would allow.

> Primary goal: establish a permanent independent space habitat (a
> Marsbase makes most sense for obvious reasons).

Mars? Why not an asteroid? I have never liked gravity wells, too
little freedom.

But yes, I would happily support a project I think has a good chance
of creating a safe space habitat.

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