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>real complexities are killed off). In "Contact" he urges that science
>faith are more or less equivalent. Of course, Isabella Rosellini is so
>fabulous as an immortalist in "Death Becomes Her" that she nearly steals
>the show away from the deathist fest it amounts to, just as Jodie
>Dr. Arroway (sp?) is so luminously moral that the film seems as much an
>indictment of mysticism if you squint when you watch it as it is a
>eulogy for secularism by apparent intention. It is because Zemeckis
>zeroes in on real extropian values and issues before he subverts them
>that makes his films seem more dire than the run of the mill
>out there. Thoughts? Best, Dale

I had much the same feelings while watching "Contact", but
after thinking about it, I don't think that the real message of
the film was that science and faith are equivalent. If it were,
the point could have been driven home much more surely
by simply leaving out the scene in which we find out that
x number of hours of blank recording exist. I haven't seen
"Death...", but perhaps Zemeckis is only too subtle?

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