[Announcement] The 1998 Global Days against the Drug War

Holger Wagner (Holger.Wagner@lrz-muenchen.de)
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 01:07:52 +0100

=============== Introduction =======================

The following announcement has been send to me through one of the
(L)egalize!-Mailing-Lists. Personally, I consider the drug-war a perfect
example of how "terrocrats" try to force a certain behaviour on people -
allowing certain (mind-numbing) drugs and declaring war on others (that
is: war on the people using those other drugs).

Besides, in order to justify this war (which is basically just a big
waste of money), research is done with weird motives:
In Germany, for example, only research trying to show harm of (illegal)
drugs is supported by the "government" (and due to the drug-war there's
not much economic interest in that kind of research unless you belong to
the mafia). If such research reveals postive effects those drugs may
have - or even less negative effects than
expected, it may not even get published (such a case just happened
recently with a study on marijuana). Personally, I think this looks very
much like an (successful) attempt of utilizing science for propaganda -
making *serious* research extremely hard.

A more rational drug-policy may help making a more rational drug-science
a lot easier!


================= announcement follows ================

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The 1998 Global Days against the Drug War !

June 6, 7, 8

Events in
New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Dallas,
Stockholm, Brussels, Colville, Tallinn, Eugene, Texoma, ...

Join the Coalition !

As you probably know, the United Nations will hold the first-ever
Special Session of the General Assembly on Drugs, from June 8th
to June 10th 1998 in New York.

This session was originally conceived as a critical examination
of worldwide anti-drug policy. The focus of this session has
now been narrowed. According to the new guidelines, only the
expansion of existing policies will be open for discussion. The
United Nations aims to escalate current drug repression tactics
in a catastrophic quest towards a 'drug free' society. In terms
of crime, economic and financial damage, and social and personal
harm, this policy is turning into a worldwide crisis!

It is of great importance that alternative proposals are heard
at the onset of this UN session. A clear statement must be made
that what is needed is not escalated repression, but reform
policies aimed at reducing the damage currently done.

To this aim, a number of organisations have recently united to
form the "Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War".
They have written a declaration that will be published widely.
You can join the coalition by co-signing the declaration; see
the contact info below.

Members of this coalition are also invited to participate in the
"1998 Global Days against the Drug War", which are held Saturday
June 6th, Sunday June 7th, and Monday June 8th. This international
event will feature discussion forums, seminars, publications,
press conferences, demonstrations, street parties, concerts, and
other types of events, in many places at the same time. At this
moment (February 17th), eleven events have already been announced!
A 'grand finale' is planned to take place in New York on Monday 8th.

You can help make the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War
a success! Make sure your city is part of this event. If you
are a member of a group or organisation that can help, contact
us. Otherwise, you can join one or more of the participating
groups and organisations, or set up your own group. See
the contact info below.

Early spring of 1998 we will issue press releases with the names
of all the groups and organisations that have joined the coalition.
Groups and organisations are invited to plan their own version
of the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War, under their own
identity and name. Note however that participation in the coali-
tion does not itself imply endorsement of the individual events
taking place.

Organisations wishing to join the coalition can send mail to
alliance@legalize.org. Individual activists please visit the
web site at http://www.legalize.org.

The Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War currently consists of:

The Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet), the National Orga-
nisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Coordina-
zione Radicale Antiprohibizionista (CORA), the November Coalition,
Transnational Radical Party (TRP), Common Sense for Drug Policy,
the Legalize! Initiative, the Media Awareness Project (MAP),
the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH),
HANF! Magazine, and other organisations.

Participate in the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War !

June 6, 7, 8

e-mail: alliance@legalize.org

********** PLEASE DISTRIBUTE BY EMAIL AND FAX *************