FYI: European Gathering

Berrie Staring (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 17:22:44 +0100

Dear all,

If you plan to visit Europe in June, drop a note......
Everybody is invited of course :-)

exi-europe post:

Hello all,

Ok......enough of these lengthy discussions on exi-euro,
I wonder if this list can stand all these mails :-)


Let's get together in JUNE 1998

The First: European Transhuman/Extropian/Cryonics Gathering.

--- please drop a mail on this list, if you intend to come.
I will check for a location, near Amsterdam.
A cheap Hotel, with some space to gather.
Let's say a in on Friday evening and
go back on Sunday evening/afternoon.

If the date is set, we can start to think of some "presentations" or
actions. But above all.......I think it should be an informal meeting,
with some drinks&snacks.......nothing really fancy....we save that
for next year......when the WTA is up and running :-)

Eager to learn all your opinions !! :-)


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