Re: the loss of privacy

Thu, 26 Feb 1998 22:43:34 EST

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<< > In a message dated 98-02-25 02:39:19 EST, you write:
> << >: ... I'll bet that if I wanted to, I could in one hour or less, find
> >: a significant amount of information about any American on this list,
> >: you would normally consider to be highly private information. Probably
> >: least some information you would normally think it would be illegal for
> >: to gain access to. This is the sort of big brother society that has
> >: warned of, but everybody is so absorbed in their own consumer
> >: that they have no idea of how much of their privacy they have given up.
> > >>
> like what? does anyone know how to find out if you're on a monitored list?

The company I do contract work for processes mailstream databases for many
companies nationwide. We have a significant amount of information in
storeage, and
being updated all the time, and if the company weren't bound by
agreements, I wouldn't worry about my job in digging in this stuff for fun.

What stuff?