Prevue's Blurb on Virtual Obsession (8 p.m., ABC)

David C. Harris (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:13:22

Prevue, a TV schedule site at <>, lists Virtual
Obsession (with a lovely picture) as the prime feature for tonight. They
include the writeup that follows. This is how our meme's are spread!

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Virtual Obsession

by Bill Harris

On February 26, ABC airs "Virtual Obsession," the imaginative thriller from
Director/Producer Mick Garris ("Stephen King's The Stand", "Stephen King's
The Shining"). Peter Gallagher ("While You Were Sleeping") and Mimi Rogers
("Someone to Watch Over Me") star in what is being called a "romantic

Dr. Joe Messenger (Gallagher) is a happily married man living with his
wife, Karen (Rogers) and his young son, Jake (Jake Lloyd). Messenger is a
brilliant researcher in the fields of artificial intelligence and
immortality. One of his projects is an AI super computer that controls and
monitors much of Salt Lake City, where the Messengers live.

Messenger's team seeks a means by which a human personality may be uploaded
into a super computer. One of the members of his staff is Juliet Spring
(Bridgette Wilson), a brilliant, beautiful young woman. Messenger and
Spring begin a torrid extramarital affair, complicated by Spring's terminal
medical condition. Knowing she is going to die, Juliet proposes to be the
test subject for Messenger's work.

Joe realizes that his affair could cost him his family, and breaks off the
affair - or at least he tries to. Juliet succeeds in uploading her mind and
personality into the super computer. With nearly limitless power at her
disposal, Juliet seeks to eliminate all that stands between her and Dr.
Messenger. Imagine Glenn Close in your PC. Yikes!

If you have Real Player 4.0 or above, click on the link below for a video

28.8 K Real Media Video Clip [Go to <> to see it]

Thursday February 26 8 PM ET ABC

At 01:24 PM 98/2/26 -0800, Max More wrote:
>Reminder: Tonight on ABC, is Virtual Obsession, the TV adaptation of Peter
>James novel Host. Host revolves around AI and nanotechnology (and even
>mentions Extropy magazine).