1 Fact, 2 Elements (-,+)

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 11:46:15 -0500

Was: Is this not logical?

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At 11:07 AM 2/24/98 -0500, Ian Goddard <igoddard@erols.com> wrote:

>> If X exerts force upon Y, then Y will
>> exert an equal but opposite force
>> upon X. I believe that this state
>> of symmetrical force is the same
>> fact. In short, Newton's third
>> law describes one fact. No?
>Newton's Third Law covers both facts. In this case,
>it is much simpler to talk in terms of Newton's Third
>Law, instead of mentioning both forces. However,
>the case in point can be split into those two forces.
>The fact of them is no less real because of this,
>no more than we can talk of a house being made
>of wood or of atoms. Neither is false; both are
>true. Nor does one contradict or exclude the
>other. Both are true, but both are not exactly the

IAN: This issue goes right to the nexus
of my theory of holistic identity in it's
physical expression. I think that it would
be proper to say that Newton's 3rd law defines
1 fact that has 2 components, or that it de-
fines one set (F) with two elements, or two
subsets, such that F = {+,-}. Obviously, ex-
pressing the conservation of force, the sum
of those two symmetrical elements equals zero.

It seems illogical to me to separate the two
components in this force symmetry because you
could never separate them in fact; like two
sides of a coin, they are two and yet one.

That's the core of holistic identity. That's
the principle upon which I propose that the
number 1 is a single concept that poses two
attributes, 1 and -1 relative to 0 -- and
0,1 is the primary identity relation. Such a
unity of symmetrical components is, I believe,
the central structure of identity, as it is
expressed both logically and physically. It
is expressed here in the 0,1 identity matrix:

0 1
0 | 0 1 |
| |
1 |-1 0 |

Just as force is 1 fact with 2 elements,
the concept of the number 1 is 1 fact
with 2 symmetrical elements and 0, which
is also the sum of the elements of force.
I see a beautiful correspondence of logical
holistic identity and physical reality herein.

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