Re: Extropian country

Anders Sandberg (
22 Feb 1998 12:54:31 +0100

Damien Broderick <> writes:

> At 05:18 PM 2/21/98 -0500, Michael L. wrote:
> >I propose that two foci for extropian communities, which already seem to
> be in the
> >embryonic states: the California Enclave, focused on technology, and the
> Washington DC
> >Focus, emphasizing the cultural and political, be recognised as necessary
> for further
> >development of extropian goals.
> Ah, a.k.a. the First and Second Foundations, eh? I should warn you that
> the Third Foundation is located somewhere in Australia (`at a right-angle
> to the galaxy'). But now you must s-l-e-e-e-p.

I wonder what that makes us in Sweden? We are also at a right angle to
everyone (fourth foundation?). But obviously the US east coast sprawl
is Trantor. :-)

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