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The Transhuman World Culture InfoMark located at
is now UP!

You might ask: "What is the Transhuman World Culture InfoMark?"

While a landmark acts as a prominent identifying feature (land structure or
marker) telling us that we are at some *important* place, the Transhuman
Culture InfoMark is an information marker presenting many aspects of the
culture of transhumanism.

The InfoMark stands out as a beacon drawing people to the vital new part of
the world cultural landscape - transhumanity. Our emerging culture - as any
culture - is comprised of socially and memetically transmitted ideas,
actions and education, arts and sciences, institutions, organizations, and
all other products of transhuman work and thought.

The Transhuman World Culture InfoMark is a resource of transhuman cultural
characteristics such as style, sex, technology, history, fashion (bio-tech),
transhuman 911, transhuman 411, glamour, >H & <H, links, books which will
allow viewers a glimpse into who we are as well as lead viewers to other
targeted transhuman sites for more detailed information.

Available on the home page is an animated gif InfoMark for you to copy and
place on your site to link to the site!

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