Re: Extropian country

David A Musick (
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 12:36:20 -0500

I understand the romantic appeal of Extropians having their own physical
country, but I don't understand why Extropians would want to limit
themselves to a small land area. Aren't we *beyond* thinking of
countries in terms of land area? Is't it more realistic to think of
countries in terms of organization, communication and resource movement?
There is no reason a country must have all of it's regions physically
connected, either. So, all the Extropians around the world could say (if
they wanted to) that all the land they each own will be considered a sort
of distributed country. Or we could all say that the whole world is our
country, which happens to be full of other people playing their own
political games and dividing up the land in their own way. We just need
to work around them and with them to achieve our goals. In my opinion,
"countries" are for the mundane, for people who can only think in
simplistic terms. I see the idea of a "country" as a relic from a dying
age, as global economics blurrs and erases national borders. I think the
idea of a country is becoming less relevant to the modern world.
Extropians don't need a country of our own; I see little advantage in
this. We will have a greater impact on Humanity if we are distributed
throughout the world than if we are concentrated in one small area.

David Musick (

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