$200 for Jim Bovard's New Book Title

Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 15:56:31 -0500

From: Jim Bovard <<jbovard@his.com>

Subject: $200 for a good book title...

[Note From Matthew Gaylor: Jim Bovard for those who don't know is one
of the best writers of governmental abuses. He is a frequent
contributor to the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic and American
Spectator. I highly recommend his books- Two titles worth reading
are: <italic>Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty</italic>
and <italic>How the Gov't Screws You: From A to Z</italic>. I'm
keeping my title suggestion secret, because $200 is well... $200)


I mentioned when we talked a week or so ago that I would be trying to

hustle up a new book title. If you could pass along this post, I would
be much obliged. And if you have

any suggestions - that would also be appreciated!



* * * * *

St. Martin's Press will be publishing a political philosophy book

of mine this fall. Marketing experts at St. Martin's nixed the

book's tentative title so I am scrambling to find a strong

replacement. I am searching for a title that will capture the

book's potentially very broad appeal and would appreciate any and

all suggestions.

The book will focus on the nature of government power, the meaning

of freedom, the delusions of democracy, the moralization of Big

Government, sovereignty & political slavery, and the forgotten

value of freedom.

I am looking for a very hard-hitting title, similar to the short

titles I have used in the past (Lost Rights: The Destruction of

American Liberty, The Fair Trade Fraud, The Farm Fiasco, Shakedown)

$200 will be paid to the winning suggestion upon acceptance of the

-book name by a publisher.

Thanks for the help!

Jim Bovard

email: jbovard@his.com


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