Re: Why Immortality might be a sham!

byteboy (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 09:29:53 -0500

Frank Prengel wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, chris belt wrote:
> > If you upload your mind into a computer by means of copying brain
> > waves,(I don't know how, it just seems like that work) or however else
> > you would do it, you'd still have a hard copy of your mind inside your
> > body. My point is, the mind in the computer would be a seperate entity
> > that just thought like you do. It wouldn't be you inside the computer,
> > just a copy. You'd wouldn't control the computer, the thing controlling
> Ahh, the "copy paradox" again.
> We seem to inevitably run into this when discussing uploading. IMHO, it
> cannot be resolved with our present knowledge, since we seem to arrive at
> different conclusions when deciding if the uploaded mind is "you" or
> "someone else", depending on how (by which criteria) we distinguish "you"
> from "anybody else". See the mailing list archive for threads on this
> topic.

--My thoughts on the subject are fairly simple-minded.

As you're uploading, and for the moment when the upload is completed,
the copy
IS you. The nanosecond you have a dissimilar experience from the copy,
are separate entities.

So in this case, the "you" and "someone else" are both correct,
depending on
the time frame.

And yes, I do believe this was discussed earlier with a 'jumping into a
dialogue on cloning. I could be wrong.