Re: THC: Extropian Country -- Blueprint underconstruction...

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 21:02:58 -0500

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 11:53 PM 2/17/98 +0100, Berrie wrote:
> >Of course among the first businesses I would
> >expect the can die in peace,
> >and you can be freezed as perfect as possible,
> >this alone could generate some money, together
> >with the "low-budget" tourism actions.....
> >Just imagine a tropical island
> My first thought about this - as with James' useful report - is that I
> wouldn't wish to pin all my hopes and investment on a tropical island in an
> era when global warming (if it's a reality) threatens to submerge or
> regularly inundate quite a few of them. How galling to be frozen and then
> thawed by salt water...

Which is why I'm hot on the tanker idea (which I brought up btw). In the age of
global warming, one profit center will be ferrying refugees off islands that
are sinking..... Or using the tankers as construction bases to build
floating/underwater communities for these people. Since most people through
history don't move much, if something happens, they just build on top of the
wreckage, I predict that global warming will foster the beginning of the
colonization of the oceans. Being the architects and contractors of this new
fronteir could be quite profitable.

James, have you any info on the current market prices for slightly used surplus


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