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Berrie Staring (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 23:53:46 +0100

Dear all,

(sorry, no spelling checker)

I've got some questions about, if what I wrote was
just plain fun, or if I really wanted to pull something
of like this.
(freedombuilder, I signed up for the mailing list, so
I am eager to learn more....this mail is more like
a thought experiment)

Altough I didn't investigate all the "freedom" related
issue's very well, so I might miss some things allready
thought of, I wanted to present a vision closer to my heart.
As far as I can tell, most of them focus on the "make a lot
of money in a free enviorment". Don't get me wrong here, I
am not against making money. But it's not why I would
become involved in a project like this. My idea would start
a bit smaller and more idealistic. I believe strongly in the
"oil-spill" it step by step:


A tropical island of 5000 X 4000 meters (20.000.000 m2)
(maybe you could start with a smaller one)

Price: 30.000.000 usd (based on the selling price of
John Wayne's Taborcillo-island near Panama (360.000 m2) for
500.000 dollar.

We will only use (at first) one half of the island. The rest is
for public use, and is maybe not suitable for buildings, like
the beaches, etc...

so: 30.000.000 / 10.000.000 m2 = 3,-- usd per m2

Double this so that we will have 30.000.000 to spend
on the public we sell for 6,-- us per m2

This means, if I want to own 200 m2, I will pay 1200, -- usd
I could build a small tent there in the begining....and visit
it a few times a year to help building the society we want.
People with (small) businesses will buy more m2, of
But I think you could be suprised by the amount
of people, who just would like to own a small part....
even students (beginners/idealists/etc....) can join...

With the other 30.000.000,-- we will build, the harbour,
the public liberay, activity-centre, web-conection,
boats, a few cars...and other tools.

Everybody can join the island IF they accept (sign)
the Transhuman/Extropy rules (to be discussed)
(the laws and penalty's...shouldn't be needed
of course....but know...)

So, I imagine, small software start-up company's
buying a few m2, were they live and develop.
....An importer of goods/food/etc.....
....An eco farmer, who will run a small food-chain
based on new technollogy.......
........a dutch bloke :-) running a camping for students....
tents allready there, for low prices........
....Biotech start-ups, expirimenting with new techniques

It's a democtratic -webbased deciding/rule system.
You can vote for everything concerning the public
space of the island (for technical or difficult, things
you have to do an "exam" so you will vote educated)
Something becomes only a problem when one drops
it in the "discussion group" and asks for a vote....
e.g: a biotech firm, wants to expiriment with some
dangerous viruses....then they first have to convince,
the group that what they do will be save......

When the island becomes to crowded, you could think
of expanding to the sea with the suggested "oil-tankers"
(how far do you own the sea ?)

Of course among the first businesses I would
expect the can die in peace,
and you can be freezed as perfect as possible,
this alone could generate some money, together
with the "low-budget" tourism actions.....
Just imagine a tropical island, with net-access,
a lot of very interesting people, knowledge
centre's.......and the fun of vacation.
If I rent my tent to people for 100 usd a month,
I have earned my investment back, within a year.
...and I can start thinking of real house :-)

At first it's a lot like starting a camping site.....
But once, people come more often, actually
build new things, companys start selling goods,
etc.... it will grow step by step.....
Get more scientiffic conferences. Have leaders
of other country's visiting us, to see what we are doing
(a new vision on the goverment) etc......

:-) OK....I will stop now with my idealistic (naive)
Still.....I am looking forward to other idea's, because
it could be done :-)

For the list-member, who think this is pure noise,
I suggest that we use THC (TransHumanCountry), so you
can delete it right away.......

Have a great day!


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