Re: Suggestion: Extropian Country

Berrie Staring (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 13:23:47 +0100

Daniel Ust wrote:

> But seriously, we might exhaust valuable effort in trying to attain such
> state. Much better/cheaper to focus on recruiting new people to our
> ranks AND developing better tech/science/philosophy/art in the
> interim. Don't (all of) you agree?

Well.....this is of course too tempting, not to respond on :-)

For sure: We could pull it of !!! if sigh :-)

- we can find the island/boat
- enough people with money (anybody an educated guess?)
- can found a start-up company(s) that generate income right away
* software development
* Internet selling/development
* Hotels (in case of a tropical island)
* selling art/books/music
* research
* etc..
- we have a modest life-style (in the beginning)
- we have practical laws
- can export goods/knowledge

I picture a: Tropical island with a (near by) airport, since a lot of "us"
doing business all over the world. Hotels, research labs (I think the bio-
genetic industry, would be very interested), hospital, cryonics provider,
"learning-farms" (were people can combine their holiday with catching up
on the new stuff), self-supporting ecco systems, webbased polling systems
on deciding what/how/were. Open libraries, conference centers were
scientists from around the world can discuss everything, etc......
(well "all" share some idea's :-)

Well needless to say I would go all the way for this, if we could trigger a

critical mass of people from this list to really develop a

Anyone :-)

Have a great day!

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