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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 19:37:02 -0500

Y'know, I've been wondering why those Project Aquarius and Millenial Project
people are not getting anywhere. Duh, they could easily be buying up some of
the hundreds of surplus oil tankers sitting in ports around the world to start
their independent communities. Oil tankers are at least 1000 feet long, the
size of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, which houses a crew of 5000. With no
airport to support, an oil tanker based community could easily support that
many in much more spacious accomodations. link several together into a large
raft or catamaran or trimaran and you're talking real space. Using those empty
holds for starting workroom and you could get really grand. Olympic swimming
pools, huge dance halls, and indoor rain forests/arboretums.

Buy a couple Russian submarine nuclear propulsion systems for the ships and
you're golden. I don't know if I'd trust such a large investment only to wind
power.....If they only wanted to anchor the boats, they could easily generate
all of their power needs from wave generation.

Prof. Gomes wrote:

> A quick suggestion, since I'm in a hurry..:
> We could think in stablishing an extropian country...
> We'll need, among other things:
> 1. some extropian billionaires to initial finnancial support.
> 2. chose a small site in, f.ex., Africa, which we could buy... ( They need
> money and we need a place...).
> Bye, for a while,
> Gomes

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