Re: Clinton
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 18:44:57 EST

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Really, I'm having trouble following you. Because I'm not concerned
about Clinton's affairs, therefore I'm not concerned about food
poisoning? Come on now!


The point is not that youre not concerned about his affairs....neither am I.
He could parade a whole troop of girl scouts thru his office for all I care.
The point is that he lies about it. If he lies about one thing then I expect
that he lies about other things as well. The relevant topic at the moment
being a crying need (so he says) to bomb Iraq.

And I am NO fan of big government. I HATE it with a passion. I AM a fan of
free markets...and agree that it has probably never existed. It's all to easy
for some thug with a gun (or club, or whatever) to come in a pronounce himself
(king, god, pope, cheif,....etc.) What I'm trying to do is point out that
government in general...this administration in particular....can't be trusted.
Because EVERYTHING they say is possibly...probably? (how do you know?)...a