Mark D. Fulwiler (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 14:17:54 -0700 wrote:

> Hmmmmm. That tells me something about your attitude toward a free market
> economic system.
> Bill and Hillary were selling a product. Themselves.

It seems to me that politics as practiced today has little to do with a
free market economic system.

At any rate, it is not possible to literally sell yourself. You might
say that Bill Clinton was offering his "services" as President to the
American voters. He was not running for Pope. I didn't want these
³services,² but I'm still forced to pay for them, unlike what happens in
a free market.

> They laid out a set of
> specifications during the campaign. They attested that it was true. > They DID
> NOT say..."That's none of your business"....

Yes, they pretended to be a model monogamous couple. But if you believed
that, I hear the Golden Gate Bridge is for sale.

> Now suppose you decide to buy something trivial...say a pizza.
> The meat looks a little funny....and you ask about it...and are told "That's
> none of your business"....are you going to buy the pizza?

No, because I obviously have an interest in not getting food poisoning.
I have no interest in the President's sex life. Actually, I didn't vote
for Clinton, but it wasn't because he probably lied about various
affairs. I don't consider this sort of lying any kind of big
deal.(Perhaps it was/is to Hillary, but that's her problem.)

I do consider the "big government" interventionist policies of almost
all politicians a big deal, so I don't vote for them for that reason.

Are you saying that candidates are obligated to answer questions about
their sex lives?

> Is the presidency more trivial than a pizza?

The presidency is not trivial, but the extra-marital affairs of Clinton

> I just happen to have a case or two of meat I picked up off this bull hauler
> friend of mine a few months ago. Since it's "none of your business" what
> condition it is in I'm sure you'd just love to take it off my hands
> Or...if you¹re a vegitarian...that's ok...I was really lying about it being
> meat. It's really soyburgers....
> EvMick

Really, I'm having trouble following you. Because I'm not concerned
about Clinton's affairs, therefore I'm not concerned about food
poisoning? Come on now!