Design (was Re: Meat)

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:14:18 -0800

I disagree.

It is designed. I am designing my body right now. Many other people are
designing theirs, including bodysculptors.

Oh. I see; you mean the human body in general has no design. That means
that there is no detectable difference from the human body and everything
in the universe that is not the human body? No detectable structure?

Oh. I see. You mean you don't believe in a Creator; therefore there can be
no design in anything that occurs naturally. Hmm. Could you please point to
something you can find that is unnatural?

Oh. I see. You think anyone who uses the word "design" to refer to anything
that did not take the conscious effort of some human is a (perhaps closet)
Creationist/Deist/Teleological BAD PERSON, and NEEEDS to have the faith
reinstated, or a kick in the behind.

Well then, you're just plain wrong, that's all. No way I can argue with that.

:) :) :) :)


My view: Design can and does exist without a designer. A watchmaker being
blind is still a watchmaker. The blind watchmaker is the whole universe and
its laws. It designs everything. (in effect and appearance). Slooooooowly.
:) Then we come along. But we are part of it, so there's no paradox, no
need for your fuzzy headed Humans versus universe dualism. :) QED.

You At 04:31 PM 2/13/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Charlie Stross <> wrote:
>> Subject: Re: Meat eating
>> On Wed, Jan 28, 1998 at 06:33:14PM -0700, Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:
>> > The human body is really not designed to process a lot of meat with the
>> > high level of fat common in modern farm animals.
>> The human body is really not "designed".
>> Please delete the teleological creationist propaganda from your posting
>> and re-state your case (which otherwise seems to be reasonably plausible).
>> This has been a public service message from the Darwin Police.
>You got me. I should have said "The human body has not evolved, etc."
>Next thing you know, you'll be telling me there was no flood, you evil
>atheist. :-)
>Mark Fulwiler
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