Re: Environmental Degradation?

Damien Broderick (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:48:29 +0000

At 11:15 AM 2/13/98 -0800, James Rogers wrote:

>Actually, I do agree that extinction is happening. However, most of the
organisms marked as extinct (large higher organisms), don't seem to be
terribly missed by the environment as a whole.

I'm more concerned at the impact of human-introduced ecological changes
with vast unintended multipliers, like the appearance 200 years ago in
Australia of alien flocks and herds with hoofs that shockingly damage
delicate soils. Native animals that evolved here have large soft cuddly
footsies. So now the largest island on the planet is being ruined at
breakneck speed by erosion, salination and other horrid anthropogenic
impacts. (Not to mention the well-known bunny problem, as they breed and
eat like... rabbits, and seem to enjoy calicivirus sprinkled on their
breakfast.) Maybe Promethean technology will be able to reverse this
devastation, but meanwhile...

Damien Broderick