Re: Truth Machines and Open Networks

David John Matthews (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:17:30 +1100 (EST)

> a world without privacy would show true equality amongst society.

Equality amongst society sounds impossible to me. Society places value on
certain skills and talents some people are going to fall outside what
society sees as good and thus inequal amoung society. Perhaps a world
without privacy and society would show all as equal.

> Nothing to hide is nothing to save from the enemy. therefor all people
> would be as one.

In my opinion this can't be so. No privacy means our most base fears and
prejudices are laid out for all too see. The distinctions between groups
be it religious, racial, weight based or any one of the host of things
that divide society now would grow if the fear and negativity was shown
in its true form making the divisons larger. The potential is great but
humankind would only use the power for their destruction.

> i agree with your statement but, i also agree that
> equality is accomplished through honesty and trust
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