Re: Truth Machines and Open Networks (and FI)

Mark Crosby (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 07:06:45 -0800 (PST)

---Craig Presson wrote:
> Further, I think emotion, or some analogue of it,
is tied in to intelligence at fundamental levels, and
that Halperin's perfectly-Apollonian AIs would have
to be able to at least model human emotion and drives
to do what they do (create art and act as judges,
for two instances). (I used to have some references
on this, but I think my Labrador ate them. I
apologize for glossing over such an interesting point).

Then, while you're checking the archives for FI
stuff, you might want to glance at my post of Tue, 3
Feb 1998 Re: Creativity and Artificial Intelligence
where I wrote:
< As I noted back in December, there is an essay by
Patricia Churchland called "Feeling Reasons"
available on the Web as part of an ARS Electronica
symposium from September 1997 at which
explains why autonomous reasoning requires an
'affect' or 'feeling' system in order to function
properly. >

Much of her essay is based on the neuroscience work
of Antonio Damasio.

Mark Crosby
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