Re: Truth Machines and Open Networks

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:06:03 PST

>> > So would you mind giving up privacy for absolute truth?
>> YES!
>> Brent Allsop

Obviously you must be so straight and narrow that your not afraid to
have your innermost thoughts and actions broadcast to the world. At our
current state of civilization, a world without privacy would give us the
mass common denominator (read Jerry Springer and Oprah) opressing the
rest of us deviants. As an extropian, aren't you already a deviant to
the majority of humanity? Is this tpye of oppression what you really
want? The United States alone is so uptight, that half the things I
engage in in my own home would probably get me thrown in to the rubber

Until humanity is ready for it, I'll put my privacy above absolute
truth, thank you.


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