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Anders Sandberg (
11 Feb 1998 18:19:49 +0100

"Prof. Gomes" <> writes:

>> They are more than that. I agree that these areas might be part of the
>> circuit, but most brain systems are distributed over many parts of the
>> brain, not just one. So the same circuits most likely also contain
>> neurons in the frontal cortex, the association areas, limbic system
>> and everywhere else.
> A suggested model to help understanding such processes is "fuzziness".
> See an example in the site bellow...

Fuzziness is a very natural consequence of neural networks doing
categorization, they tend to form representations that are quite
similar to fuzzy sets (although mutual inhibition can sharpen them).

What I was thinking of was more distributed representations, like
Fuster's memory models where neural nets spread across the brain
participate in storing one short-term memory.

For example, a cell-assembly corresponding to the concept "mountain
climbing" could have neurons in both the somatosensory cortex (the
feeling of climbing), visual cortex (a standard image of climbing),
parietal cortex (where one climbs), the amygdala (a slight twinge of
unease at the danger) and prefrontal cortex (my knowledge about
climbing). Activate part of the representation and the rest becomes

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