Re: Circuits 7 + 8: Was: Prometheus Rising

Holger Wagner (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:00:16 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998, Paul Hughes wrote:
> Call it what you will, but the feeling of leaving my body and flying to
> the places in question was so real that I was surprised to find myself
> waking from sleep and even more surpirsed later to find the places
> exactly as I experienced them.

Sorry, I accidentally sent an empty message:

I confused ctrl+x (send mail) and ctrl+c (cancel). I'd say that's
a good example of "incomplete perception": hitting keys happens completely
unconsciously - I just think "cancel" and (automatically) I hit ctrl+c
and confirm the request (are you sure you want to cancel?) with yes. This
happens too fast for reading the text, so the question (are you
sure you want to send?) didn't even get to me... only after the message
"message sent and saved..." (which remains on screen for a while) I
realized my mistake.

If I hadn't had that feedback, I would have just realized that after
reading my own mail on the list - if I wasn't subscribed, I would have
never realized that.

I think one goal for individuals should be enhancing their perception as
much as possible, both technologically and 'naturally'. The question is
just: how far is it possible to "track" things down - without error.

With "learned automatical behaviour" it's relatively easy: I just need to
concentrate a bit more. Analyzing the first four circuits already needs
some "knowledge" (about that particular model) + practice (like the
exercises in Prometheus Rising). I think it's quite possible that with
the right knowledge and practice, experiences on other circuits are as
well possible - but I think it gets extremely hard to understand the
"symbols" correctly:

We don't know (yet), if - for example - precognition is just your mind
playing a trick on you (possibly trying to make understand something), or
if it's a clear sign that time is not "real" after all, do we?


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