Spam alert: unsolicited commercial e-mail

Anders Sandberg (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 09:53:10 +0100 (MET)

Recently, I have received an Unsolicited Commercial E-mail from you.
I do not like UCE's and I would like to inform you that sending
unsolicited messages to someone while he or she may have to pay for
reading your message may be illegal. Anyway, it is highly annoying
and not welcome by anyone. It is rude, after all.

If you think that this is a good way to advertise your products or
services you are mistaken. Spamming will only make people hate you, not
buy from you.

If you have any list of people you send unsolicited commercial emails to,
REMOVE me from such list immediately. I suggest that you make this list
just empty.


If you are not an administrator of any site and still have received
this message then your email address is being abused by some spammer.
They fake your address in From: or Reply-To: header. In this case,
you might want to show this message to your system administrator, and
ask him/her to investigate this matter.

Note to the postmaster(s): I append the text of UCE in question to
this message; I would like to hear from you about action(s) taken.
This message has been sent to postmasters at the host that is
mentioned as original sender's host (I do realize that it may be
faked, but I think that if your domain name is being abused this way
you might want to learn about it, and take actions) and to the
postmaster whose host was used as mail relay for this message. If
message was sent not by your user, could you please compare time when
this message was sent (use time in Received: field of the envelope
rather than Date: field) with your sendmail logs and see what host was
using your sendmail at this moment of time.

Thank you.

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 03:40:28 -0500
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Message-Id: <> Thursday, February 12th, 1998
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Bull's Eye Gold is the PREMIER email address collection tool.
This program allows you to develop TARGETED lists of email
addresses. Doctors, florists, MLM, biz opp, can collect are only limited by your imagination! You can
even collect email addresses for specific states, cities, and
even countries! All you need is your web browser and this program.
Our software utilizes the latest in search technology called
"spidering". By simply feeding the spider program a starting
website it will collect for hours. The spider will go from website
to targeted website providing you with thousands upon thousands of
fresh TARGETED email addresses. When you are done collecting, the
spider removes duplicates and saves the email list in a ready to
send format. No longer is it necessary to send millions of ads to
get a handful of responses...SEND LESS...EARN MORE!!!

A terrific aspect of the Bull's Eye software is that there is
no difficult set up involved and no special technical mumbo-jumbo
to learn. All you need to know is how to search for your targeted
market in one of the many search engines and let the spider do the
rest! Not familiar with the search engines? No problem, we provide
you with a list of all the top search engines. Just surf to the
location of a search engine on your browser then search for the
market you wish to's that easy!

For instance if you were looking for email addresses of Doctors
in New York all you would do is:

1) Do a search using your favorite search engine by typing in
the words doctor(s) and New York
2) Copy the URL (one or more)...that's the stuff after the
http://... for instance it might look like
3) Press the START button

THAT's IT!!! The Bull's Eye spider will go to all the websites
that are linked, automatically extracting the email addresses
you want.

The spider is passive too! That means you can let it run all
day or all night while you are working on important things or
just having fun on your computer. There is no need to keep a
constant watch on it, just feed it your target market and give
it praise when it delivers thousands of email addresses at
the end of the day!

Features of the Bull's Eye Software:

* Does TARGETED searches of websites collecting the email
addresses you want!
* Collects Email addresses by City, State, even specific
* Runs Automatically...simply enter the Starting information,
press The Start Button, and it does the rest
* Filters out duplicates
* Keeps track of URLs already visited
* Can run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
* Fast and Easy List Management
* Also has built in filtering can put in words
that it "Must" have while searching, can even put in
criteria that it "Must NOT Have" you added flexibility
* Also imports email addresses from any kind of files (text
files, binary files, database files)
* List editor handles Multiple files to work on many lists
* Has a Black-Book feature... avoid sending emails to people
who do not want to receive it
* Built-in Mail program...send email directly on the internet
with just a click of your mouse
* Personalized Emails...if the email address has the user's
name when it is collected, can send Personalized emails!!!
* Sort by Location, Server, User Name, Contact Name
* Advanced Operations:
Email address lists export in many different formats
(HTML, Comma delimited, text file)
Advanced editing...Transfer, Copy, Addition, Delete, Crop,
Move to Top/Bottom
Operations between lists...Union, Subtraction, Comparison
* Program is Passive,...meaning you can run other programs at
the same time



Customer Name
Company Name
State Zip
Phone Fax
Email Address

______ BULL'S EYE SOFTWARE $259.00
Includes Software, Instructions, Technical Support

______ Shipping & Handling (2-3 Day Fedex) $10.00
(Fedex Overnite) $20.00

______ TOTAL
(CA Residents add applicable sales tax)

*All orders are for Win 95 and Win NT


PLEASE CALL 213-980-7850 to process your order
9am-5pm Pacific Time
Checks or Money Orders send to:
WorldTouch Network Inc.
5670 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2170 Los Angeles, CA 90036
Please note: Allow 5 business days for all checks to
clear before order is shipped.