Re: Sex, authority, and social norms

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 21:22:45 -0500

Kathryn Aegis wrote:

> Yak Wax:
> >You've made a big mistake here, I don't want to "recommend sexual
> >activities prior to proper maturity" I want to not "stop sexual
> >activity before 'proper maturity.'" Thus, it is not up to me to prove
> >anything, but up to you to prove that we *do* need to stop sexual
> >activities before maturity.
> To the contrary, if one plans to turn the course of current
> psychological theory, one would have to provide some hard data to
> support a new position, such as a study or a critical analysis of
> present theory. If you are able to provide that type of evidence,
> then your case for pedophila would merit consideration. My position
> at this time is that I have not yet seen such evidence, either in my
> own research or in the postings on this thread.

Please refrain from using such loaded words. These guys' point of debate is
completely justified considering the diversity in today's world, as well as
this countries own history, where boys have been considered men and girls
married off at ages as low as 12-13, while today here in the US, the
current furor people are having over Monica Lewinski is partly a bias
against her age (21 at the time of her alleged actions with Bill( who most
women consider sexy even though he's in his 50's), and now 24), as well as
the current hypocritical attitude of much of the baby boom generation
toward the 'genX'ers. Now that I've turned 30 this past Jan 19th, does that
mean they can trust me now???? (ironic hint, hint, wink, wink).

As the boomers age, I can easily imagine that they will lobby throught the
AARP to deny voting rights, driving priviledges, rights to reproduce (or
even keep custody of their children) of anyone under 30. Will that mean
that two people having sex at age 25 in that future will be comitting date
rape, statutory rape, pedophilia, or what have you??? How rational are such
charges when the post is easily raised and lowered depending on the current
state of the culture? Will senior psychologists promote and accept the
concept that sex before 30 is a traumatic experience for 'children', and
should be banned, that men who want to have sex with nubile 25 year olds
are sick SOBs who should be locked up, castrated, imprisoned without due
process, and be branded for the rest of their lives with the Scarlet Letter
of SEX OFFENDER? Please excuse me while I puke.

For someone such as you who have advocated sexual liberty to take such a
puritanical position is the height of hypocritical arrogance IMHO (sorry
for the ad hominem, but it is needed). I hope you see from my scenario how
indicative such societal mores are of the current cultural sickness that
needs treating much more than 'pedophiles' who would have been considered
average citizens a few years/decades ago, and still would be in many other
developed countries....


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