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Tue, 10 Feb 1998 20:48:07 EST

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>As a neuroscientist I'm interested in the neural correlates of these
>circuits. Note that the monoaminergic projections might correlate;
>serotonin and the first circuit, noradrenaline and stress hormones the
>second, possibly acetylcholine for the third, oxytocine, vassopressin
>and others for the fourth, and *maybe* dopamine for the fifth. But now
>I'm just guessing and waving my hands :-)

I can think of a neural analogue for the first four circuits
- the sensory areas of the brain. The largest parts of the
sensory map on the brain are mouth, anus, hands, and genitals
(not in that order, however.)

I think there's a plausible connection there with the first four
circuits, in order: oral, anal, semantic, and socio-sexual.