Re: THE SPIKE in America - Not!

Yak Wax (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:11:59 -0800 (PST)

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> A lot of stupidity is just lack of education/experience in thinking
> and acting, a simple lack of knowledge about how the world and oneself
> works. That can be dealt with to some extent. A more worrying form is
> when it becomes a self-supporting belief system, actively preventing
> the victim from waking up. Are there any really good ways of
> undermining such schemata?

I have a 'thing' which I call to "talk them out." Basically you get
your mind to function like theirs. Then you start to talk to them
about general problems from their perspective. Then slowly change
from their perspective to your own and they'll start to do the same.
It sounds like a long process, but with practise you can do it in a
matter of seconds.

It takes years of practise (see below), but it can be fun.

I started a sort of 'metaprogramming' about 4 years ago and managed to
're-link' my emotions and motivations in a more rational way. But I
started to lack all motivation (except to live, it would seem) which
started to make things difficult. So I needed a fix, so I figured if
I can change my mind state why not learn to link and re-link emotions
at will (actually easier than it sounds.) Now, the way I manage to
talk people into my point of view (it doesn't work through e-mail BTW,
I've tried) is by quickly re-linking these emotions into a way their
body language, tone of voice and use of language suggests. And then
bringing myself back to my usual state. But I really don't suggest
everyone doing it, because for about six months I was close to
homicidal (which, to say the least, isn't a fun experience.) BTW, I
didn't use any guides or books for this (I didn't know they existed) I
just came to the conclusion that I could make my mind run faster and
changed it.


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